Past Events

Recent events hosted by Karen Chapple via the Berkeley Institute of Data Science, the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, and the Center for Community Innovation:

Predicting Neighborhood Change Using Big Data and Machine Learning: Implications for Theory, Methods, and Practice.

January 9-10, 2020

UC Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project and the University of Sydney’s Urban Housing Lab hosted a symposium on neighborhood change funded by the Urban Studies Foundation and hosted by the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. The conference brought together urban researchers from universities across the United States as well as Spain, Australia, England, Argentina, Germany, and Singapore, who engaged in a lively conversation with Bay Area planners and housing advocates. The research projects discussed over the two days use machine learning and big data in innovative ways to explore, map and quantify urban change in some of the world’s most dynamic cities. For more information, see my blog.

sustainability and inequality flyer 2.3Reducing Inequality in a Sustainable World 
March 5, 2015
As the global movement for sustainability is gaining steam, inequality continues growing rapidly. How can we slow inequality and poverty while increasing the sustainability of our living patterns and economies?

Program and Speaker Presentations

urban housing economy transit conference Urban Housing Economy & Transit
Confronting a Crisis: A Conference on Sustainability
Sustainable Economic Development Strategies in Lean Fiscal Times
November 17, 2011

Program and Speaker Presentations

TOD and Social Equity: An Agenda for Research and Action
A conference sponsored by the University of California Transportation Center and the UC Berkeley Center for Community Innovation
June 1, 2010

Program and Speaker Presentations
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Innovating the Green EconomyInnovating the Green Economy
A Conference Sponsored by the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the Center for Community Innovation at the UC Berkeley Institute for Urban and Regional Development
January 21, 2010

Program and Speaker Presentations

Building Arts, Building CommunityConference on Arts, Neighborhoods, and Social Practice
The arts as integral to processes of urban community revitalization and civic engagement
January 25th, 2008

Program and Speaker Presentations

Industrial Land DebateUC Berkeley Conference on Industrial Land Use
This symposium helped to coordinate the conversation around how Bay Area cities are trying to decide how much of their industrial land supply to convert to residential and commercial uses.
November, 2007

Program and Speaker Presentations

Transit-Oriented for AllAre We There Yet? Bay Area Transit-Oriented Communities and Mixed Incomes
March 9, 2007

Notes from Symposium

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 1.15.11 PMEquitable Development and Mixed-Income Communities: Best Practices and Scenarios

A summit of Bay Area and key national experts, including policymakers, developers, and community actors
August 11, 2006

Program and Speaker Presentations