I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of immensely talented graduate students at the University of California-Berkeley and University of Minnesota. Below is a selected list of former students and advisees, along with their current work affiliation.

Dr. Bill Lester, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Dr. Jake Wegmann, Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Austin
Dr. Anne Martin – Executive Director, House Rabbit Society
Dr. Emilio Martinez de Velasco Aguirre – Director, Regional Sureste, at CONACYT
Dr. Carrie Makarewicz, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Denver
Dr. Miriam Zuk, University of California-Berkeley
Dr. Renee Roy, Build Healthy Places Network
Dr. Liang-Chih Chen, National Taiwan University
Dr. Yasuyuki Motoyama, Kauffman Foundation
Dr. Lifang Chiang, UC Office of the President
Dr. Alvaro Huerta, Cal State Polytechnic – Pomona
Dr. Annelies Goger, IMPAQ International
Chris Andrews, The Cloudburst Group
Mason Austin, City of Philadelphia
Gene Barrera, UC-Merced
Alex Brennan, Capitol Hill Housing
Maria Agustina Calatayud, Inter-American Development Bank
Sean Campion, NYC Independent Budget Office
Andre Chan, Church Pension Group
Ener Chiu, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Marcus Clarke, City of San Mateo
Matt Chwierut, ECONorthwest
Tom Conoscenti , Two Trees Management Company
Nadya Chinoy Dabby, US Department of Education
Kat Daniel, Green for All
Colin Dentel-Post, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
Chandra Egan, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing
Tiffany Eng, Cornerstone Partnership
John Francis, Dyett & Bhatia
Connie Galambos, Irvine Foundation
Jenny Gant, ELP Advisors
Kate Gordon, Paulson Institute and Center for American Progress
Vinita Goyal Gupta, Association of Bay Area Governments
Robert Hickey, Center for Housing Policy
Eddie Janowicz, Autodesk
Michael Katz, East Bay Works
Karla Kingsley, Kittelson & Associates
Jordan Klein, City of Berkeley
Glynis Laing, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Wells Lawson, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Alex Lantsberg, Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Matt Lewis, MidPen Housing Corporation
Hui-Chang Li, City of Oakland
Jess Lynch, Illinois Public Health Institute
Erin Machell, Consultant
Charles Marohn, Strong Towns
Nina Meigs, The PFM Group
April Mo, Stanford University
Tessa Munekiyo Ng, Munekiyo Hiraga
Alison Nemirow, Strategic Economics
Noe Noyola, MIG
James Pappas, California Housing Partnership Corporation
Kristin Perkins, Sociology and Social Policy, Harvard University
Ezra Pincus-Roth, Nelson Nygaard
Gia Pionek, Pionek Valle Law Group
Jennifer Phelps Quinn, Consultant
Divali Ramkalawan, Consultant
Carrie Ridgeway, Cabrillo College
Antonio Rosell, Community Design Group
Gary Schiff, Council on Crime and Justice
Chris Schildt, PolicyLink
Jessica Sheldon, Resources for Community Development
Eric Simundza, Economic & Planning Systems
Alexis Smith, Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow
Leah Stockstrom, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
Kim Suczynski Smith, Pyatok Architects
Erica Spaid, Greater Ohio
Jennifer Susskind, Consultant
Michelle Thong, San Jose Office of Economic Development
Sarah Treuhaft, PolicyLink
Carlos Velasquez, KOA Corporation
Trina Walker, Alameda County
Elizabeth Wampler, San Francisco Foundation
Steve Wertheim, San Francisco Planning Department
Laura Wiles, State of New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Ella Wise, Natural Resources Defense Council
Anja Wodsak, Wodsak Consulting
Enoch Yeung, California Housing Finance Agency
Jessica Zdeb, Toole Design Group
Jessica Zenk, Silicon Valley Leadership Group